Fáilte roimh chairde! Welcome friends!

HellCat Maggie is a high energy Celtic rock group playing some of the best traditional Irish songs along with contemporary Celtic Rock.



The Band

Kelly V - Vocals, Guitar

Kelly hails from Long Island, NY and has been playing guitar for 26 years. Starting out classically trained as a vocalist, she has found her voice in rock and roll. With a genetic dispostion for celtic music, HellCat has brought out her inner Galway girl and is ready to rumble, but don't call her Maggie...

Dave O - Bass

Dave O has been playing bass for 40 years. His rock and roll roots were augmented with a composition degree from Berklee, and a well rounded band history spanning the genres from Classic Prog, to Modern Pop, to Country. With a deep, untapped affinity for Celtic music, Dave jumped at the opportunity to play bass for HellCat Maggie.

Mike G - Electric Guitars

Originally from Saratoga, Mike has played guitar in seemingly countless unsuccessful bands. Never giving up on dreams of municipal rock stardom, Mike finally found HellCat Maggie and fit in nicely.

Scotty B - Drums, Vocals

Born in the New York Highlands, Scotty finds therapy in bashing skins. Starting at age 10, playing new wave, classic rock, punk, metal, funk, reggae and ska. Always a fan of Celtic music, Scotty set out to build a formidable Celtic powerhouse. After several years of advertising, HellCat Maggie began to take shape.

Michael K - Bagpipes, Tenor Banjo, Guitar

From a line of traditional players with musical roots reaching back to Scotland, the north of Ireland, and Gaelic Canada, "Mikey Pipes" comes to us with more than 40 years' experience on the Highland pipes. He is delighted to be joining HellCat Maggie!

Brendan D - Mandolin, Tin Whistle, Vocals

The youngest member of HellCat Maggie, Brendan comes from the East Greenbush area and brings depth and melody to HellCat Maggie's sound.

Pat A - Fiddle

Making the jump from country/bluegrass to celtic rock, Pat brings his decades of fiddling experience to HellCat Maggie.

Tom W (part time) - Fiddle, Mandolin, Tin Whistle

Coming from the Middleburgh, NY, area, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in Celtic music to Hellcat Maggie.